Be Part of Big Bear Software

Are you a leader?  That loves to solve the most complex technological challenges facing industries such as Defence, Energy, Manufacturing and much more. Big Bear Software is currently building a community of tech savvy super heroes in the heart of the Okanagan.

We are looking for a foundation team to steadily grow the company:

  • Project Managers who also like to write software
  • Senior, Intermediate and Junior Developers
  • Windows, Web and App Developers

Why – Big Bear Software was created to solve real problems with custom software, integration and performance improvements.  We take the stress out of software projects and thrive on solving impossible problems.

What – Big Bear Software has a history of working on Military Training Simulators, Chemical and Nuclear Disaster Simulators, Flood Prediction Tools, Predictive Maintenance Software, Energy Financial Software and much more.

Who – Big Bear Software is looking for people who love learning new technologies (passionate); have a history of leading (community); feed off each other (engaged); can handle the pressure (healthy); understand what clients need (independent); and work at varying speeds (prioritize).

E-mail us your details to