What is Near-Sourcing? How is Near-Sourcing different than outsourcing? Near-Sourcing is a better way of working with a third party software developer. Selecting a close to home partner offers tremendous benefits over hiring a software developer located overseas. Near-Sourcing combines cultural understanding with expertise to provide you a partner who will get the job done timely, and you will have no trouble communicating with. Near-sourcing is not a replacement for internal jobs, rather it augments your existing staff, by providing expertise that your employees don’t have. We can help your employees learn new technologies while we are working for you so your team feels empowered rather than threatened. Near-Sourcing is less-risky than finding an overseas provider. We are a short plane trip away, and communication can be during regular business hours when everyone is in optimum work-mode. In-person meetings can be scheduled within 24 hours. Proximity and cultural similarities will give you comfort in communication with the team, as everyone will have a common understanding to terminology and your end users. We complete projects rather than prolong them.