We are now offering Graphics Design, Branding, and Responsive Website services. This new division of Big Bear Software supports our startups and custom development teams and can build modern, responsive websites for your company. Stay tuned for Big Bear Websites! Survey Life and Stawnichy’s are two examples of worked produced by our new division:

  • Survey Life
  • Stawnichy’s
  • Not every third party developer is right for every project. We maintain our high success rate by selecting those projects that are a perfect fit for our expertise. We are experts at building quality teams from our network of local developers. You can focus on keeping your business running well while we take your vision and turn it into reality.

    If you have:

    • A project that is interesting, unique, and with challenging requirements
    • A new development need or help getting an existing project completed
    • A performance problem that is difficult to track down
    • Bugs, defects, or issues that are beyond your expertise
    • An out of control backlog that is overwhelming
    • A subject matter expert on-hand with expertise and vision for your project

    … then we would love to hear from you. Give us a call.